Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poetry battle!

OKAY! Due to a request from one of my few readers suggested that we do a "Poetry Battle" so how this is going to work is that you can either put in a poem and judge everyone else's except your own or you can just judge. In the poem you have to list the type of poetry you are using and your name. The battle will last all week so next Thursday is when I'll count up the votes. You can vote but putting the name of the Author in a comment on Facebook. If you happen to win this poetry battle then good for you! This is only for fun! RULES: 1) NO CUSSING IN POETRY. 2) NO SEXUAL STUFF. 3) KEEP IT APPROPRIATE AND CLEAN PLEASE. IF I FIND A DIRTY POEM IT WILL BE DELETED. TO INSERT YOUR POEM PUT IT IN A NOTE ON FACEBOOK OR IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON BLOGGER PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW!!!!!!This poetry battle will most likely happen once a week! I will start this battle with a poem I put in my Creative Writing Portfolio and no it isn't the one that's getting published.. so CALM DOWN! MY POEM IS CALLED A BIO POEM.

Kind of quiet, easy going, weird, kind of spazy
Daughter to Alan and Sue Staggs
Who cares about music, my family and imagination
Who feels awkward, happy, stressed
Who needs love, friends and a shoulder to cry on
Who gives service, a listening ear and hugs
Who fears spiders, being alone forever, and being unloved.
Who would like to see Italy, England and future children
Who is resident of the small village of Dayton, Nevada

I hope you guys participate in this battle so that we can continue the battle. Love all who reads my blog.

~ Allanah Staggs <3

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello world! I've decided to start up my blog again even though NO ONE READS IT!! However, if you do happen to read it..... I want you to either come to my face or leave it in a comment it doesn't matter but I want you say or type this "DIDDLY SQUAT" just so I have motivation to continue writing. So the next item of business is WHAT DO YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT!!! Because I know that you don't want to read about my boring life in the little Village of Dayton, Nevada... So again along with Diddly squat I want you tell me what you want me to post... Short stories? Poems? Neither? What? TELL ME! You have about a week to do so because I'm not checking this again until Girls Camp is over and I'll leave it up too you!

Peace out!

~ Allanah Staggs

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey Guys, well, the only two people who actually bother read my blog. Sorry I haven't written on here for a while, I've been busy and I just forget and yeah, those are all my excuses. This is the first time I've written since last November and I believe it was the day before New Moon came out. Either that or it was the 15th.
Anyway, HAPPY (be-lated) NEW YEARS!!!!!!! WHOOOOO 2010!!!!!! Well, Now it is Feb 21st or something like that. It's a new semester at school and nothing really changed that much except I'm out of Watt's class and now I'm taking health with Mrs. Santos and I'm going to say yay with as much enthusiasm as I can. ready? Yay. Yeah it's not much, but hey, I don't like taking health, we talk about drugs and suicide and (Gulp)............. Sex........... definitely NOT a subject I  wish to talk about. I wish my other classmates would feel the same way, but sadly, they're all perverts and are thrilled to talk about it. Then we have to watch some lady give birth and I will be sitting by a trash can during this. To me, it doesn't make sense,if I'm actually going to GO through that, then why do I need to watch from a different perspective? Shannon was telling me the other day that in her health class - or something like that. Anyway, they gave her fake baby and they had to keep it for a week and that it would actually cry and the whole sha-bang. I rather do that than watch some one give birth (Shudder). There's a Dance on March 13th and I am so excited! I get to Curl Shannon's hair! YAY for me!!!!! I'm going to cut this short, because my fingers are cramping and I can't really remember what to say and I really can't type today. So Love you all! Oh and I forgot to say PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! BECOME A FOLLOWER TO MY BLOG!!!!! SHOW ME THAT I AM LOVED!!!!!! y
~Allanah the Mormon Girl!!! <3

P.S I sprained my ankle .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The week

Hey guys!!!!!
How was your week? My was fine thanks for wondering. This week was fine um Of course I went to school and seminary and of course Mr.Ovard is still a piece of ........ trash.... I'm so nervous for tomorrow in choir we're doing Honor Choir try-outs, I'm trying not to be nervous, but I'm not very successful. I've been working on the audition piece since the class got it, but since the WHOLE class isn't watching me, I guess it won't be that bad. I'm going to practice more tonight and hopefully sometime tomorrow morning before I go to Seminary.
On Wednesday there was NO SCHOOL!!!! Veterans Day so Shannon Spent the night and we walked two miles around Dayton and it's amazing that Dayton has two miles to walk around. We had a good time, well I hope Shannon had a good time.
Thursday Vampire Diaries was on, but I didn't get to watch it till Saturday. But it was AWESOME!!!! I found out the real reason Damon came back to Mystic Falls was to bring Katherine back because Bonnie's ancestor saved her and the other vampires but Damon had to promise to keep her linage safe and he did until she destroyed the crystal that was supposed to bring her and the other 25 Vampires back and personally, I'm glad she did because Damon said he was leaving now!!!! VICTORY!!! but then Stefan had to be a idiot and tell Elena that he's leaving and then I'm all NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U IDIOT STEFAN!!!!! SHE LOVES U!!!!!!!
Friday I thought that in Choir we were going to be doing auditions for Honor Choir but I was wrong, Mrs.Bum changed it to Monday which is tomorrow...."Shudder" I spent the night with Shannon and Anna came with me and we went up to Davis Creek (Which is in the mountains) to play Capture the Flag and I swear, the temperature was below freezing and it was horrible but when Shannon and her friends and I were guarding our flag some guys decided to be tards and scare the living life outta us and it even made me wet myself so we went to the bathroom and someone had their carlights on and i tripped into a hole and twisted my ankle REALLY bad and Shannon fell on my leg and then rolled onto a rock then when we finally reached the bathroom and we were about ready to finally leave when Shannon made a stupid mistake; she saw two spiders so she flicked water at them and a BIG black-widow emerged from the back corner and Shannon and I screamed a Bloodcurdling scream and then I looked away then it moved and Shannon's face was SOOO funny(I'm sorry Shannon, but you should've seen your face!) that I had to go back in the bathroom stall and go all over again! Then when we got back to Shannon's house we soaked our feet in a hot tub and Shannon and mine feet were SO red it was. Then Anna pinched a nerve so Shannon gave her 3 Ibuprofen and she was out while we were playing the Marriage game so we pranked her twice!!!! First, we sprayed whip cream on her face then we put lotion on her face. We didn't get to sleep till 2:00 a.m and we listened to her relax CD and everyone was Asleep but me and the CD would not work on me so I asked Shannon to turn it off and once it was off I was out. When I woke up Anna and Shannon were shaking me and Shannon was all "Lanah the trees is here" and I'm "Wait I'm not dressed yet, don't let him in yet" they just started laughing. Then they said I was sleep talking.... great.... they I was moaning a lot and I was tossing and turning. Then they said I said and quote"Stop, stop it jake. I like cheese too" yeah pathetic, but what happened was I was standing in the forest by myself and then Jacob came up and I'm all "Hi JAKE!" and he's snarling and I'm all getting scared. "Don't get me upset" he growled, i backed away and then he's like "I like CHEESE!" and I'm all "I like Cheese too" and then he took my shoulders and rammed me into a tree and I'm all "Stop it! Stop it jake!" then he bit me and I woke up to them.
Then we walked three miles to Borders and it was FUN!!!! i almost fell over a ledge but thanks to them they'll like "Lanah, get away from the ledge you'll fall" I thought it was completely boring because they wouldn't let me! it was only a 6-foot drop.... yeah once we got there we made a Twilight video and it was FUN!!!! then I babysat that night.
Well, that's what I did this week(end) Wish me luck on my Try-out tomorrow
~Allanah the Mormon Girl!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 week till Halloween

Hey guys! I hope you had a wonderful week and weekend!.
What happened to me this week was normal except for the Dance. This entry is going to be short because I've got to go to a fireside tonight.
As for the dance, it was fun and I WON THE BET!!!!! Though, I didn't want to. I was about to ask him. but of course I chickened out at the last second!!!!!! Shannon and Emily both went with too! I hate that about myself, me and timidness. If I wasn't so afraid of being rejected, I'd probably do al lot of things. But no one's perfect. Besides the whole Nate thing, it was pretty fun. I saw a girl from my Drama class and I found out Anna has a crush on a guy (I'm NEVER saying who)
I found out that I'm going to the Knight's house for Halloween this year
Gotta go BYE
~Allanah the Mormon Girl!!!! !!<3

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey I'm back!
On Tuesday we did a Video Scavenger hunt and it was pretty fun! Emily Delbecq went with me to get a Dance Card and I needed but another one. This one is my 3rd and I won't loose this one - though that's what I said about the last two. See the first one, I didn't know we had to keep it so I didn't care then I got another one and I thought I put it in my Jewelry Box and then when I looked in recently, it wasn't there so I looked for it and couldn't find it so I got another and I will not loose it this time....... I hope.... 
Since it's a Halloween Dance, we're suppose to dress up in our costume and originally I'm going to be Wendy from Peter Pan and Shannon's going to be Peter but since it's a Stake Dance, we can't cross dress and there is NO way I'm being Wendy without my Peter!!! So I'm going as a Runaway Princess Pirate. It's pretty creative if I do say so myself. I'll put some pics up of myself in both costumes on in the Dance and when I go with Shannon.... If I go with Shannon. There is a good chance that my family might go to the Knight's house for Halloween as much as  love them all, I don't really want to go - not because I don't like visiting them, it's just that I made plans with Shannon earlier than we did with the Knight's; but if we go to their house, I'll be cheerful and act like my normal self and I'll be the princess pirate thing again (I'll still put up a picture of me being Wendy too) 

I don't know what else I did this week but Facebook and typing my novel - OH which reminds me, I'm going to finish typing it my Novel by the beginning on November I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!! I'm typing a half a chapter everyday so by then it'll be done faster.

Well That's all and remember MORMONS RULE

~Allanah the Mormon Girl!! <3 

Week and Halloween party PART 1

Hey guys,
This week was normal but we had testing and that was HORRIBLE with a capital HORRIBLE! Only because my Math score was higher than my Reading score and I love reading more than Math! It was really weird, but now that I think about it The days I did my Math score, I my mom and I were doing Super Brain Yoga together, but when I did my Reading test I was doing it all by myself I probably miscounted and screwed up. Oh well I'm not going let a stupid test tell my how good I read. Why do even have these stupid tests for reading? Cause I don't ask myself What would the name be for this paragraph? I read for the words, the story not to ask myself stupid questions like that!

Anyway on the October 12 I had my concert for Choir and it wasn't bad. I was proud of everyone who was in it. That would be the Jazz Band, Advance Choir and Concert Choir. I want to be in Advance choir but then again I'm not good enough for that. The songs we sang were "Once Upon A Time" it was a Broadway song from something, I can't remember what and the last song we sang was "Promised Land" I feel like our choir isn't good on;y because we did two sings and Advance did three. But oh well. Our next Concert is in December or something like that and for one of our songs we're going to learn how to Swing Dance! I'm SO excited!

On Friday, I went to the Hamblin's Halloween Party it was pretty fun, I kinda wish Anna went but she COULDN'T just because she had some Homework she could've done on Saturday. Also on Friday at school it was "College Day" it's where all your teachers talk it little bit about where they went to college and we had to ask questions but none of my teachers could answer my questions. Though I already know where I'm going and what I'm going to Study. I'm going to BYU, Utah or some college in Utah and study Creative Writing and Literature. But all my teachers with the exception with one they all graduated at UNR Mr. Watts, My Computer 1 teacher, he graduated at High Point, I think that's in North Carolina but I'm not sure. 

Next Saturday though since its Sunday that would be saying this upcoming Saturday. Anywho, this Saturday is the Halloween Dance and I'm still going to win the bet. Then Shannon is going to have  to dance in the circle but not me!!! And I miraculously loose the bet. 

This is going to be short but I'll write some more after church so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long week and a Bet

Hey guys!!!! HAPPY SUNDAY! This week wasn't that bad. I mean it wasn't FANTASTIC, but it wasn't horrible. 
So on Monday, I obviously went to seminary and we learned about Isaiah and what his symbols mean and i didn't get any of it. I have a Concert tomorrow and I am a little nervous. it's my first High school Choir concert and I'm getting those little butterflies in my stomach.
Tuesday, we visited some inactive members in the Dayton ward (I'm in Comstock) so we visited Anna Miller and it was fun. I still don't like Mr.Ovard but the craziest thing happened this week. In my science class we were changing s eats and my lab partner wasn't there ALL week and Shannon and Anna were all "If he doesn't come on Tuesday you should be all I was going to confront him, but he was a no show." So on Friday he wasn't there and in my head I'm all I was going to confront him but he was a no show. (In case you didn't get, that's a Twilight Quote) Then when I told Shannon she's all,"When he comes back you say you were gone." then Anna says jokingly, " If he says he was gone for personal reasons I'm gonna laugh!" Then we all laughed at that. I'm not really going to ask him why he was gone.( Twilight quote again) In Phys Ed, we played Basketball and Volleyball and I was hoping it was Girls playing Volleyball and Boys playing Basketball. Just so I could hit a guy in the back in the head and say "Sorry, I told them not to let me play" but it was a choice so I bounced a basketball around and I got hit in the side of the face, on top of the face, in the back of the leg and it the butt - all in those places multiple times. It was horrid!!!!!
In Drama, we had to preform in front of the class and the class would give you some feedback and tell you how to get better. When we finished, I thought they were going to say something I should change; but all they said was for Amy and they said that it looked weird how she moved around me fancying the Robe. It was pretty cool, I mustn't have done a bad job.
Then Shannon came to the Football game with me, it was the last one and the band was preforming during Half-time so we only went to see Anna preform in Marching Band. After that we hung out and then we went home. Shannon spent the night that night and did a service project for the Dayton, we were expecting but we were the only two there!! I'm trying to get over the fact there is 14 young women and I'm the only one who bothered to show up!!!! But thankfully Shannon came with me.
Shannon, Anna and I made a bet for the Stake Dance on the 24th. You should all 
know by now that I have a crush on a guy his code name is "the trees". So the last dance I 
went to I danced with the Trees and it was the best night of my life. So Shannon wanted to
pretty me up again and I'm all "What's the use we aren't going to dance again." and Shannon's
all "Yes he will." and I'm all "No he won't!" then Shannon said "Wanna Bet?" and I'm
"Yes!" so the bet is if he does dance with me then I've gotta dance in the circle. But if he
doesn't, Shannon has to request my song; "Run" by Leona Lewis. I'm hoping he will just so I
don't have to dance in the circle and do the the sprinkler or the lawn mower......... It'll
be embarrassing .......... Wish me luck! <3
Well, that's all I'm going to write today.
Peace out!
~Allanah the Mormon Girl

P.S Shannon, I'm going to WIN the bet!!!!!!!!!! <3>

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The week.

Well this week was pretty normal but every week is normal. oh well. I went to school and it was interesting mostly because I have a hypocrite math teacher. He's a hypocrite because he keeps telling us to not cuss in his class but then like a few minutes later or the very next day he'll start to cuss. Either he has a horrible memory or he's a hypocrite.  Mr. Ovard, my science teacher, is really making me angry. I don't like his class mostly because of the subject. Integrated Science, it's "math science" like speed = distance over time and area things I am not good at.  I had a dream one night that.   was talking really rudely towards Mormons and he was making so angry and I stood up and muttered under my breath "I hate science" an he's all "What'd you say Mormon Girl?" I glared at him and said in a little louder voice, "I hate, loathe, detest, despise and any other word that means hate I hate your science class!" and he was just looking at me and said, "Is that all?" 
"No." I growled. "And I am so sick at the way your disrespecting  Mormons! There are two Mormons in your class and you're just blabbing about rotten untrue things about us! I'm sorry you didn't get it when you were a member, but that does NOT give you any right to talk like that in front of me! So do what you're paid to do, teach us about your crappy science and SHUT UP ABOUT MORMONS UNLESS YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT US!" I was yelling obviously. Then I woke up surprised at myself. I'd never yell at my teachers unless they were dissing my religion. 
On Friday my Drama friend Courtney, forced eye liner on my face and I say she did a pretty good job it was a little too thick; but I got a lot a comments from my friends that it "looked good on me" Shannon Biddlecome was the only honest one she said there was too much and I agreed but the only thing we didn't agree on was it looked good on me. I thought it was okay but I don't I'll ever again. It didn't look like me, I the girl that doesn't wear makeup like ever only when it's  special occasion.
Yesterday I didn't listen or watch conference, I stayed with my siblings and played with them so my parents could watch it, mom takes notes so I'll  read here notes and try to get what they were talking about. Then after both sessions I went over to Shannon's house then we went to her friend Rosie's house to try to do the dance moves to "What Did I Do To Your Heart" by none other than my favorite band in the world the Jonas Brothers! Then we made a spoof to the Nick J show on youtube and it was hilarious. Then we did a scene from Eclipse we couldn't talk, we could only act it was funny. I was Bella, Rosie was Jacob and Shannon was Edward and we did the scene where Bella broke her hand punching Jacob and it was really funny.
Well that's what happened this week
P.s I'd like to thank Shannon for following me on blogger!
~Allanah the Mormon Girl <3>

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sickness at school, the swine flu and WAYS TO GET SMARTER!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, it's me - obviously. I just want to start out by saying HAPPY SUNDAY!?!?!?!?!?!?! I will be talking about the sickness, ways to get smarter and Swine flu that's been going on for like........ ever. 
I got sick on Monday last week and I could barely talk and I was coughing like there was no tomorrow. So on Friday I finally gave up and went home during choir it lasted till Saturday. I was MISERABLE I wasn't able to sing for a week!! That was the worst PART not being able to sing for a week!!! A WHOLE 7 DAYS! It was stupid then I could barely sing on Sunday. I couldn't start singing till Monday then my choir teacher (Mrs. Bum) wasn't there so I didn't get to sing in choir, she didn't come back till like Wednesday and we STILL didn't sing but I'm pretty sure we're going to sing this week though. 
Next is the SWINE FLU!!!! Well, I don't know how many people know this, but Anna Austin one of my BEST FRIENDS got the SWINE FLU! I was really scared at first but then after the first day I was fine and I convinced myself that she was strong enough to fight it off and plus it's only a REAL danger to Little kids and OLD people. Anna came to church on Sunday so I attacked her with all the strength I had (which isn't very much). I told a lot of things I'm not going to tell you now and just fro the record, If you're getting bored with this I kinda already warned you. It says this right under the MORMON GIRL thing and I quote, "This is my pathetic boring life..... ENJOY" and if that isn't warning enough of a warning then I don't know what is.
Next is WAYS TO GET SMARTER! Okay this is no joke when I say That this thing called "Super Brain Yoga" will make you smarter. I've tried it and I have an "A" in math and that NEVER happens. All you do is stand south, put your tongue on the pallet (the roof of your mouth) and put your left hand on your right ear and pinch it and do the same with the right hand to the left ear put you HAVE to do it in THAT order or it won't work then you squat 14 times. This method is used for kids who have ADHD and/or Autism but it works for anybody I've done and I don't have either of this. I'll go over the steps with you once more.
1. Stand South (doesn't matter where you are just stand South)

2. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

3. Pinch your right ear with your left hand

4. Pinch your left ear with your right hand.

5. squat while taking deep breathes inhaling goes while going down and exhaling while going up. 

6. Squat 14 times and if you see no improvement them do more squats if you need to more squats, do 20. If you do to much, then you'll know if you're getting rashes. 
I've never got any rashes yet but the super brain yoga is supposed to help you concentrate and it helps your memory.
This is really easy to do. Thanks for reading if you did read which I hardly doubt. BYE!
~Allanah the Mormon Girl!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

School starts!!!!!!!

Hey, I hope school is going well for you all - though I've got to remember that I don't have
anyone on here except my mom and she doesn't even read it. I feel SO unloved!!!!!! Oh well, you
guys are missing out on my boring and pathetic life. Last night there was a dance and my new soul
sister Shannon Biddlecome. She got me a new dress and she dressed me up for the dance and I
thought it was going to be stupid only because I can't dance; but I was proven wrong I LOVED and
can't wait for the next one! My crush even danced with me! Shannon and Anna were dragging me up
to him so that he would dance with me but he asked me first and I still get butterflies every time I
think about. We played tag with other couples and he gave me a lesson on how to waltz and I only 
stepped on his foot once!!!!! I can't even tell you how I felt with him it was something I have 
never in my life 
experienced in my life, it was awesome! Um that's all I'm going to say for now.
p/s I'm changing my name(blog name)
`Allanah the Mormon girl!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rest of Summer!

Well,  Summer is almost over and I haven't written in a while so I'll need to do that. 
First, I went to Girls Camp and that was good. The theme was Broadway and the groups were Beauty and the Beast, Les, misrable, Phantom of the Opera, West side story, Singing in the rain, hairspray, Wizards of Oz and Mary Poppins. I was in Hairspray though I really wanted to be in Beauty and the Beast or Les Misrables, but no, I was put in the racist production. In skit night, I volunteered to play the mom. John Travolta. It was a long week.
Then we went camping and Anna went with me and it was pretty fun we read Nightworld and New Moon so that was fun and there was a pond behind us so we went swimming there too and then we went to the lake and Anna and I would go out as far as we could and if we were at Lake Tahoe and we went that far, we would've gone past  booies   in the lake we were at we could still touch - it was AMAZING! It was fun we got poured on while walking to the camp store and back. Then we went to our tent and read some more until the rain stopped. Then on our Last night there the rangers warned us about a young an aggressive bear. So we ran back to our tent to get things out in the bear box. Then we realized that we forgot our books back at my aunt Lynn's campsite so we went there and Anna is all STOP! I stopped she shined a light in front of me there 10 ft away from me is a Big Black Bear. Fear stroked me like lightning. I was hyperventilating crazily and it was starting to growl at us. I backed up so slowly. Anna brought her Hatchet and I thought she was going to kill it (but she wasn't. I didn't no that at the time) so I am crying because I am SO scared so I cry Anna NO STOP DON"T DO IT!! Then she motions me to come and I did we got our books then ran back to my mom's tent and we stayed there until my dad came back. Then we left.

Then we stayed home the rest of the time, I typed my Novel and speaking of which, I got a phone call from someone who wants to review my novel!!!! Anyway,I went on Facebook and took quizzes and did a lot of other stuff, Well, I've got to go to a Seminary Fireside. I love you all
~Allanah The Edward freak

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Wonderful Trip to Missouri and Memphis

Well, for the past two weeks, I was on vacation to visit my grandma in Missouri. We spent three days in the car. We went from Dayton to Utah; from Utah to Nebraska;  from Nebraska to Missouri. In Utah we camped in a cabin that was just built a few months ago. We went to Denny's and got our faces painted. Christopher and Robert got snakes on there arms. Joseph got a Skeleton on his arm. Erin got an unicorn/pegasus on her face. I bet you can guess what I got...... a vampire (:>). Then we went to Temple Square. Since it was like 9:30 p.m Utah time so pretty much everything was closed. But we got some pictures by the Salt Lake Temple and we got to go into the Joseph Smith Memorial. Then in the morning there was some kind of brown spider. We thought it was a Brown Recluse. 
The next day of driving we went through and Wyoming and stopped in Nebraska. We stopped in Mormon Island. It was a camp site so we had to set up a tent at 10:00 at night. Then we woke up extra early to get a good start. We got to grandma's house at 5:00 p.m. Then that night the adults and myself played Gumpsh. It's a card game that you have teams and you have four cards and you want four of the same type of card. Like 4 four's - four 2's etc.
Then the day after that we went to Farmington Water Park. It was okay there were two slides, a lazy river, and a regular pool. It was really crowded  so after a while I went to a lawn chair and read a book and slept. Then I went into the Lazy River for the rest of the time. I got sun burnt but not bad. 
Then it was a Rainy 4th of July. I told my dad while we were at the park under a tree while it was poring I said, "Dad like I said before, we're not in Farmington, we're in FORKS!!!" that made him laugh. the storm didn't ease up, it just got worse. Then we went to Grandma's ward and it was it was the most quite day of my life. I was TOO shy to talk to anyone. 
The next day we went to Six Flags. It was the most fun I had in the two weeks we spent there. Then we went to visit Devree  in Memphis. (You can read all about it on the Hamblin's blog) she was SOOOOO surprised. As we left we saw some celebrities sign a colored Elephant such as: Bill Cosby, Christina Agulera, Tom Hanks, Tony Hawks, Jonas Brothers, Then we went into the Cafeteria and saw a karaoke thing that was dedicated by the................................................ JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!! They signed one of Nick's guitars and we saw Nick's SHIRT and Joe's shirts and One of Kevin's shirt. I was hysteric. 
On the way home we went to the new temple in Utah it's called; Oquirre Mountain temple. It was really Beautiful. We got to tour  the temple with our friends the Allredges. Then we went to their house for ice cream. Then we stopped in Carlin (Where we used to live) and saw a couple of old faces. 
That was our trip. Sorry I didn't put any pictures but Mom hasn't uploaded any photo's yet.
I would really appreciate some followers
~Allanah the Edward freak~

Monday, June 29, 2009

Whaz up!?

Hey Guys, 
whaz S'up? Well let me tell you what's up . I'm going to be sitting in the car for 7 hours and to tell you the truth, I am way EXCITED to be in the car. I'm going to be listening to New Moon on my i pod but i don't think I'm going to able to get  it, because someone at the library won't return it. I might get Breaking Dawn though; just because it's the only one there, not because I like it, because it isn't my favorite New Moon is.

I met a girl at the regional dance on Saturday. Her name  is Shannon and she's a total Twilight freak LIKE ME!!! I was SO excited to know her she likes all the Twilight crap merchandise like I do and she's................ TALLER than ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so siked to be short. Then I danced with a guy named Brant. I think he's from the Fallon ward or something. He's 4 years older than me so he's 18. It was during a slow dance and he was twirling me and then I fell on my hands but I quickly and swiftly got back up. But it was Still embarrassing. I would tell you something, but I don't know who reads this, so I'm not going to say it!!! I just hope I get some more followers soon.
Love and world peace,
~Allanah the Edward Freak~